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■Basic Information
Name YASUI, Yukio
Position Associate Professor
Affiliation Faculty of Agriculture Department of Applied Biological Science Chair of Bioresource Production Science
Fields of Specialization Entomology, Behavioral Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Animal Ecology
Telephone(outside line) +81-87-891-3147
Fax +81-87-891-3021
E-mail Address

Kyoto Prefectural University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture(1983.04 - 1987.03)
Kyoto Prefectural University, Graduate School of Agriculture, Agriculture(1987.04 - 1989.03)
Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Agriculture, Agricultural Biology(1989.04 - 1993.03)
JSPS Post Doc Research Fellow(1993.04.01 - 1996.03.31)
Hokkaido Tokai University Part-Time Lecturer(1993.09.01 - 1997.08.31)
Sapporo University Part-Time Lecturer(1996.09.01 - 1997.03.31)
Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University COE (Center OF Excellence) Research Fellow(1997.09.01 - 1998.12.31)
JST(Japan Science and Technology Corporation) Post Doc Research Fellow in National Institute for Environmental Studies(1999.01.01 - 2000.03.31)
Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University Associate Professor(2000.04.01 - )
Center for Evolutionary Biology, University of Western Australia Visiting Research Fellow(2010.03.17 - 2011.01.05)
Doctor of Agriculture, Master of Agriculture, Bachelor of Agriculture
The 4th Denzaburo Miyadi Award, Ecological Society of Japan(2000.03)
■Research Topics
Sexual selection and Mating behavior of Animals
Evolution of female multiple mating or polyandry
Sperm competition and the evolution of animal mating systems
■Themes for Collaboration or Funded Research Works
Evolution of Polyandry (Female Multiple Mating), you are planning joint research entirely with researchers affliated with research institutions, Cooperative Research
■Main Publications (Papers) >> Show All
Bet-hedging against male-caused reproductive failures may explain ubiquitous cuckoldry in female birds, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2018.01
Bet-hedging as a mechanism for the evolution of polyandry, revisited, Evolution, 2016.02
Risk-spreading by mating multiply is plausible and requires empirical attention, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B. Biological Sciences, 2015.06
Mating portfolios: bet-hedging, sexual selection and female multiple mating, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B. Biological Sciences, 2015.01
A message from the new chief editor, Journal of Ethology, 2011.01
Direct effects of polyandry on female fitness in Callosobruchus chinensis, Animal Behaviour, 2006
Female multiple mating as a genetic bet-hedging strategy when mate choice criteria are unreliable, Ecological Research, 2001
The 'genetic benefits' of female multiple mating reconsidered, Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 1998.06
A "good-sperm" model can explain the evolution of costly multiple mating by females, The American Naturalist, 1997.03
Sperm competition and the significance of female multiple mating in the predatory mite, Parasitus fimetorum, Experimental and Applied Acarology, 1997
■Academic Societies
Japan Ethological Society, Ecological Society of Japan, Japanese Society of Applied Entomology and Zoology