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Paper Title Publisher Year of Publication
Bet-hedging against male-caused reproductive failures may explain ubiquitous cuckoldry in female birds Journal of Theoretical Biology 2018.01
Bet-hedging as a mechanism for the evolution of polyandry, revisited Evolution 2016.02
Risk-spreading by mating multiply is plausible and requires empirical attention Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B. Biological Sciences 2015.06
Mating portfolios: bet-hedging, sexual selection and female multiple mating Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B. Biological Sciences 2015.01
A message from the new chief editor Journal of Ethology 2011.01
Direct effects of polyandry on female fitness in Callosobruchus chinensis Animal Behaviour 2006
Female multiple mating as a genetic bet-hedging strategy when mate choice criteria are unreliable Ecological Research 2001
The 'genetic benefits' of female multiple mating reconsidered Trends in Ecology and Evolution 1998.06
A "good-sperm" model can explain the evolution of costly multiple mating by females The American Naturalist 1997.03
Sperm competition and the significance of female multiple mating in the predatory mite, Parasitus fimetorum Experimental and Applied Acarology 1997
Males of a mite, Macrocheles muscaedomesticae, estimate females value on the basis of her age and reproductive status Journal of Insect Behavior 1996
Is the first-male sperm precedence in the predatory mite, Macrocheles muscaedomesticae influenced by sperm use of females ? Journal of Ethology 1995
Adaptive control of copulation duration by males under sperm competition in the mite, Macrocheles muscaedomesticae Experimental and Applied Acarology 1994
Sperm competition of Macrocheles muscaedomesticae (Scopoli) (Acarina: Mesostigmata: Macrochelidae), with special reference to precopulatory mate guarding behavior Journal of Ethology 1988.12
The Existence of Sex Pheromone Eliciting Precopulatory Mate Guarding Behavior in a Male Predatory Mite, Macrocheles muscaedomesticae (Scopoli) Journal of Ethology 1992
The Receptor Sites of Sex Pheromone Eliciting Precopulatory Mate Guarding Behavior of Male Predatory Mite Macrocheles muscaedomesticae (Scopoli) Journal of Ethology 1992
A method for preparing permanent specimens of mites with Canada balsam Applied Entomology and Zoology 1993
Effects of neem oil on mating and oviposition behaviour of Azuki bean weevil, Callosobruchus chinensis L. (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 2001
Life history of the newly discovered Japanese tree sap mite, Hericia sanukiensis (Acari, Astigmata, Algophagidae) Experimental and Applied Acarology 2010
Critical factors in the limited occurrence of the Japanese tree sap mite Hericia sanukiensis (Acari: Astigmata: Algophagidae) inhabiting the sap of the oak Quercus acutissima Experimental and Applied Acarology 2011